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Two Organizations Working To Get More Girls Into Tech

In Utah, women only make up around 23 percent of the technological workforce throughout the entire state. However, tech organizations throughout the state, like the Women Tech Council and DevMountain are working hard to get more women involved in the ever-expanding world of technology.

Organizations like these take pride in providing the tech-minded women of Utah with access to continued education, seminars, and even networking events. Without these organizations, the percentages of women in tech throughout Utah would be even lower than they are now. Here are a few of the organizations throughout the state that are working hard to get girls (and women) more involved in the world of technology:

Women’s Tech Council

Headquartered in Salt Lake City, the Women Tech Council’s goal is to focus on the impact of women in the technology sector of business. The WTC strongly believes in the importance of creating a business environment where both men and women can work at a high level to become more successful throughout their careers. But the Women Tech Council isn’t just for grown women—with programs and educational opportunities available for high school students, the council is just the thing for young girls, too.

Programs like the WTC high school internships, a Tech Entrepreneur Apprenticeship, and the SheTech Explorer Days (for 9th-12th grade girls), make it easy for young girls to get more involved in the field that they love. While meeting other female students that love the same thing. For some young students, it can be tricky to determine which part of the tech industry is most appealing to them. These educational programs give students the information (and inspiration) they need to figure out where exactly they fit into the world of technology, while making the experience their own.

The WTC internship, apprenticeship, and the SheTech programs all started out small, with only about 300 students in attendance for the first SheTech event. Over the last 10-plus years, however, the programs have grown drastically, and there are thousands more students involved in the internship programs and tech events. Increased involvement in the tech industry has undoubtedly caused these programs to flourish—proving to many that there is a bright future for any woman in the tech industry.

“The opportunities for women in technology are endless” says Cydni Tetro, President and Co-Founder of the Women Tech Council. “Their contributions are needed and essential to success in every industry. The young women in SheTech now will be future leaders in the technology space in role from executives and entrepreneurs to software developers and product engineers.”

Aside from the wealth of hands-on experience given out to young girls at the SheTech events and other WTC programs, young women are sent home with plenty of information regarding scholarships and career pathway planning. Everything taught at one of these events will help young girls decide where to go next with a career in tech. These events provide high-school students with a “foot-in-the-door” within the tech industry before they’ve even graduated high school.

SheTech helps high school girls discover their passion for technology, succeed in the path to pursuing STEM fields and pursue careers they previously didn’t know existed,” says Ms. Tetro.  “And we know it is having a direct impact on inspiring girls to pursue STEM fields.”

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Kelsie Foreman, Utah Business